Friday, August 11, 2017

FLAC: Springsteen live in East Troy 1984 - 3CD - July 12 - 2 source mix

Date: 1984-07-12
Venue: Alpine Valley
Location: East Troy WI
Title: Alpine Valley Night Patched w At Alpine Valley

Recorder 1: At Alpine Valley (Part One and Part Two) (Cry Baby Records - Vinyl) Uploaded by hrubesh in 2017.

Recorder 2: Alpine Valley Night (Silver Rip of Crystal Cat CD's) uploaded somewhere bobsmo in 2007.

This main source is of course Alpine Valley Night. Two patches were required.

Patch One: Born in the U.S.A-13 seconds from Recorder 1.

Patch Two: Used Cars-1:02 from Recorder 1.

I removed the fades at the end of the discs and made it run as one whole set. I removed the "bonus" tracks. God I hate them. I did EQ the patches to match the compression put on by CC. Otherwise the switch was even more jarring. Hopefully the DS archives will yield a better quality tape that Mjk5510 will patch to the incredible Alpine Valley Night which has to be a Rick B master. Right?

Total time: 02:50:29

Flac Downloads> Wav> CD Wave Editor (cut tracks)> Goldwave (File merging and fades)> CD Wave Editor (track splits)> Trader's Little helper (Flac Level8, Test, Verify)

01. Born In The U.S.A.
02. Prove It All Night
03. Out In The Street
04. Atlantic City
05. Open All Night
06. The River
07. Darlington County
08. Glory Days
09. The Promised Land
10. Used Cars
11. My Hometown
12. Badlands
13. Thunder Road
14. Hungry Heart
15. Dacing In The Dark
16. Cadillac Ranch
17. Sherry Darling
18. No Surrender (acoustic)
19. Man At The Top
20. Pink Cadillac
21. Bobby Jean
22. Backstreets
23. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
24. Jungleland
25. Born To Run
26. Street Fighting Man
27. Detroit Medley

Set features the world premiere and one of only three outings for "Man At The Top". Bruce sings a (very) short version of "Sad Eyes" during the middle of "Backstreets"
(what a teaser). A rare "No Surrender" that does not include the harmonica solo after the second chorus, but has Bruce singing the Sha-la-la verse
(acoustic version #1). "Pink Cadillac" is performed in a rearranged version of the single with a lengthy intro about The Garden of Eden. Clarence is introduced as
“The eighth wonder” during "Sherry Darling". Also the start of "Cadillac Ranch" is extended as Bruce's guitar fails to work. "Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)" includes
the "Come A Little Bit Closer" introduction. "Detroit Medley" contains an excellent "I Hear A Train". No "Travelin' Band" included in the medley yet.

Audience tapes - two recording sources available. The first can be found on the four-LP set 'At Alpine Valley Vol. 1 and 2'. A second source of excellent quality was
released on CD 'Alpine Valley Night' (Crystal Cat).

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

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