Thursday, March 2, 2017

NEW: Springsteen live in New York 1978 - 1DVD - August 22

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Live August 22, 1978
Madison Square Garden
New York City, New York

Source: Unknown Film Reels > Two 2nd Generation 8mm Film Reels

I acquired two film reels recently that were part of a gigantic Springsteen lot of memorabilia I bought. According to the seller, the collection came from a dedicated Springsteen collector who had recently passed away. I am a huge Springsteen collector myself and I was mainly interested in the reels. Anyways, a VHS of the show that was dubbed with audio was also included, and it is the same film and everything. The filmer stopped and started midsong during many of the tracks, so there are a bunch of skips. So for now I am going to just upload the audioless version. I will eventually get the audio version up. Something that should be noted is the fact that two 8mm film reels could not have possibly shot this much footage in the time; I think this collector obtained a copy of the reels from somebody who perhaps shot in 16mm.

After I took a peak at the VHS tape, I had a desire to transfer the reels but my work kept me busy for several more months. Eventually, I contacted my buddy Bill who owns a bunch of video equipment (he had owned a buisness for almost 30 years dedicated to filming events and what not) and asked him if he could transfer some film reels for me. So one day I headed to his place and we transferred the reels. Later on I edited very lightly, applying some fade in's and out's along with joining the two film reel captures. I think this is the best capture that is possible for the reels (well besides finding the lost master tapes). The reels themselves, for those who are wondering, were stored in a dustproof container for a long time.

Anyways, the film composes of most of the first set, some of the second set, and one encore. A lot of nice shots can be seen on the video, including Bruce entering the crowd during "Spirit In The Night," among others. As far as I know, this film is never before seen to the Springsteen collecting community.

Download this bootleg DVD here

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