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NEW: Springsteen live in Landover 1978 - 2DVD - August 15 - pro-shot

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Capitol Centre
Landover, MD
August 15, 1978
2 DVD set
Remastered by Miles Hai with new menus

Remastered by Miles Hai wiht menus. The download includes "before" and "after" comparisons for the remaster.

original DVDs > Toast > Final Cut Express > iDVD > DVD-R

Sources: Four releases were used in this restoration - I F**ked Everything Up, Live on the Darkness on the Edge Of Town Tour, the Hojo version, and the Jersey Boy version. Watchdog's Live on the Darkness Tour was the main video source, Jersey Boy was the main audio source, and the other two were used to fill in bits and pieces here and there.

The Process: All the source discs were ripped using Toast (IÕm on a Mac), and the files were then imported into Final Cut Express. Luckily, the best video source included the original color bars, and these allowed me to adjust the color balance and saturation back to its original state - except that I discovered that each of the original three 60-minute sources required a different balance, and this turned out to also be true for the equalization of the audio. On top of that, the source images were very dark and grainy whenever the stage lighting got dark; and so, unlike the Passaic shows, where each of the cameras used required a different correction algorithm, for this show it was the different levels of stage lighting that required different treatment. I believe in the end what I have produced is the best looking, best sounding, and most complete version of this concert currently available.
Cover art included.

Track listing -

First set:
Summertime Blues
Spirit In The Night
Darkness On The Edge Of Town
The Promised Land
Prove It All Night
Racing In The Streets
Thunder Road
Jungleland (cut)

Second set -
Paradise By The C
4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy)
Sherry Darling
Sweet Little Sixteen
Gloria/Not Fade Away
She's The One
Growin' Up
Backstreets/Drive All Night
Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
. . .

Born To Run
. . .
Because The Night
Quarter To Three

FFP and MD5 signatures files are included, as well as artwork and before/after comparisons.

Comments: Originally shared in 2012, this represents the best version I'm aware of for this complete video recording from the "Darkness on the Edge of Town" tour. The setlist is pretty standard for this point of the tour, but the notable thing is that the video quality is quite superior to that which had circulated publicly before. Portions of the video are somewhat dark (standard for videos that came from the Cap Centre's in-house video system), but overall it's quite watchable and the remastered version corrected for many of the flaws of the previously available version. I'm not quite sure if this is "definitive" (there may be better versions out there, though this is the best one I have), but it's a highly watchable version of a nearly-complete show from Bruce's most critically acclaimed era.

The audio soundtrack sounds great, and is a worthy accompaniment to the video.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here
Download part 8 here
Download part 9 here

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