Saturday, August 27, 2016

RE-UP: Springsteen live in Buffalo 1978 - 2CD - May 23


BADLANDS (4.38) / NIGHT (3.04) / SOMETHING IN THE NIGHT (5.34) / FOR YOU (4.54) / THUNDER ROAD (5.56) / SPIRIT IN THE NIGHT (6.42) / PROVE IT ALL NIGHT (6.44) / RACING IN THE STREET (start cut, 6.03) / CANDY'S ROOM (2.56) / THE PROMISED LAND (4.57) / PARADISE BY THE "C" (2.56) / FIRE (2.31) / DARKNESS ON THE EDGE OF TOWN (4.26) / STREETS OF FIRE (4.11) / MONA - SHE'S THE ONE (11.27) / ADAM RAISED A CAIN (cut, 6.54) / BACKSTREETS (11.24) / ROSALITA (COME OUT TONIGHT) (9.22) / THE PROMISE (6.04) / BORN TO RUN (4.35) / TENTH AVENUE FREEZE-OUT (cut, 3.58) / YOU CAN'T SIT DOWN (cut, 3.57)

Audience tape. Opening night of the Darkness On The Edge Of Town Tour. Includes the only ever live performance of "The Promise" with the full E Street Band until the Asbury Park Carousel web broadcast in 2010. This concert features the live debut of eight songs from Darkness On The Edge Of Town, all except "Factory" and "Something In The Night" (which had made its debut in 1976), and also features the full band version of "For You". "Prove It All Night" has a piano and guitar solo introduction - this will develop and expand throughout the tour, becoming a concert highlight. "Backstreets" has continued to evolve and the middle section contains the Sad Eyes interlude for the first time. "Paradise By The 'C'" premieres as the start of the second set which also includes another premiere - "Fire". A contributor to the Greasy Lake website recalls that Bruce read the lyrics to the last two songs from a piece of paper. Released on CDR "Opening Night In The Darkness" which also covers the soundcheck (including Billy Lee Riley's 1958 rockabilly cut "Is That All To The Ball, Mr. Hall") and "Go" (B Street).

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