Sunday, June 19, 2016

RE-UP: Springsteen "The Ultimate Born To Run Remastered Outtakes Collection" - 2CD

Bruce Springsteen
The Ultimate Born To Run Remastered Outtakes Collection
Studio Born to Run Sessions
Recorded at the Record Plant and 914 Sound Studio in NYC - March thru July 1975

Remastered by The Godfatherrecords
New compilation by Fanatic Records
Disc 2 track 6, "Backstreets Alternate Take #1" pitch correction remastered by Fanatic Records.
Considering the nature if this recording, Backstreets Alternate Take #1 was not recorded in
the correct pitch. The music and vocals sounds sped up. If you compare the corrected version
presented here with all other circulating versions you can hear the difference. I used the superb
remastered"Running Out of Innocence" by The Godfatherecords as the source for this project.

The thought behind this project was to use strickly Born To Run Outtakes with the best possible
sound and to slate them in a uniform order that would give the fan a fresh listening perspective.
Disc One has 8 tracks somewhat resembling the Official release, with "Lonely Night in the Park"
in place of "Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out." Disc Two has an assortment of different mixes along with
the outtakes that never made it to the official release. To go along with these sessions, new
artwork was created based on the original Born To Run design, using photos by the amazing Eric Meola.

Disc One (42:52)

01 THUNDER ROAD - Alternate Take #2
03 NIGHT - Double Tracked Lead Vocals
04 BACKSTREETS - Alternate Take #2
05 BORN TO RUN - Alternate Version
06 SHE’S THE ONE - Alternate Take
07 THE HEIST - Working Title for “Meeting Across The River” Take #16
08 JUNGLELAND - Alternate Take With Strings

Disc Two (50:58)

01 A LOVE SO FINE - Unreleased Instrumenta
02 THUNDER ROAD - Alternate Take #
03 BACKSTREETS - Alternate Take with strings
04 THUNDER ROAD - Acoustic Version
05 LINDA LET ME BE THE ONE - Officially released on “Tracks”
06 BACKSTREETS - Alternate Take #1 (corrected speed)
07 BORN TO RUN - Double Tracked Lead Vocals
08 LOVERS IN THE COLD - Unreleased a.k.a. “Walking In The Street”
09 JUNGLELAND - Rehearsal Ending Take
10 JUNGLELAND - Alternate Take

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