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RE-UP: Springsteen "Lost Masters volume 17 - Hollywood Hills Garage Tapes 2" - 1CD - 1983 outtakes

Bruce Springsteen
Lost Masters Volume 17
Hollywood Hills Garage Tapes - Unreleased Masters
Volume 2
Songs 1-9: Bruce Springsteen, Solo Outtakes, Eight Track Mixes, Hollywood Hills Garage Studio, Los Angeles, California, January 30th, 1983.

1. Follow That Dream False start
2. Follow That Dream #1
Presented in best-ever quality, this unreleased gem far eclipses any current circulated versions.
After a false start, this track features a tender, moving vocal by Bruce.

3. Your Hometown #1
4. Your Hometown #2
5. Your Hometown #3
6. Your Hometown #4
Rockabilly versions of "My Hometown." Bruce's fascination with rockabilly during the period preceding
"Born in the USA" is evidenced here in the original incarnation of "My Hometown,"
which was initially dubbed "Your Hometown." This uptempo, kickin' version features some classic guitar
from Bruce and sounds like it would be another track ideally suited for Dave Edmunds.
The four takes presented here are very similar, with the exception of take
#2, which features several lyric changes.

7. Follow That Dream #2
Another alternate take with subtle vocal variations to #1 above.

8. Sugarland False start
9. Sugarland #1 Rockabilly version
Another in a long line of classic, unreleased songs, Bruce debuted this on tour in 1984 at Ames, Iowa.
Recorded over a year and a half earlier, this original rock version is highlighted by a very energetic
and commanding vocal performance. And boy does it rock! Totally different to the circulated version.

Songs 10-16: Bruce Springsteen, Solo Outtakes, Holly wood Hills Garage Studio, Los Angeles, California,
January thru May 1983.

10. Little Girl #2
This pleasant little rockabilly "throwaway" number fits in nicely with the other sub two minute
Bruce numbers: "Held Up" and "Johnny Bye Bye."

11. County Fair #1
Just as "Wild Billy's Circus Story" perfectly captured the sights, sounds and smells of the circus,
this beautiful unreleased song does the same for a small town county fair.
Very few artists can transport a listener to a specific place the way Bruce does,
and here he puts you right in the middle of all the goings-on, from beginning to end.
This one's a stunner.

12. Bye Bye Johnny #4
A dramatically different version than the short, rockabilly one on the b-side of "I'm on Fire."
This longer version perfectly captures the mournful mood of the song and features some fine acoustic guitar
and synthesizer work.

13. Bye Bye Johnny #5
Without question, the definitive version of this song. Features a different intro and an additional closing verse.
A very emotional and moving vocal performance by Bruce, this take will bring tears to your eyes.
Mournful yet elegant, somber yet majestic, Bruce outdoes himself on this take.
Rest in peace: Elvis and John.

14. Delivery Man #1
Another short yet enjoyable rockabilly number with some fine picking by Bruce,
this very humorous tale of a truck driver losing his chickens would have made a great b-side.

15. Delivery Man #2
Alternate acoustic take to above with a different intro, some lyric changes and a different,
expanded outro.

16. Unsatisfied Heart
Add this to the ever expanding list of Bruce's greatest unreleased songs.
A man surveys his life and wonders if he can ever escape the demons of his past.
Classic lyrics, classic performance.

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