Saturday, June 4, 2016

RE-UP: Springsteen "Lost Masters volume 9 - Love Is a Gun" - 1CD - 1979

Bruce Springsteen
Lost Masters Volume  09
Love is a Gun - Solo Masters Volume 3

1. Love is a Gun
2. Walking On the Avenue
3. Take Em As They Come
4. Untitled
5. Baby Come Back
6. Love & Kisses
7. Love Will Get You Down (x4)
8. Untitled
9. Out on The Run
10. Under The Gun
11. Find It Where You Can
12. Everyone Loves You
13. Untitled
14. Bring On the Night

This edition of the Lost Masters brings you two sets of home demos circa 1979, via Los Angeles and Holmdel, NJ. The quality, as per the other solo volumes in our set, is astounding. There are some true gems included here and several examples of Bruce at his melodic and rhythmic best. Despite the rough and unfinished nature of this music, it is hard to deny the beautiful melody of songs like "Walking on the Avenue" and "Find It Where You Can" or the funky rhythms of "Baby Come Back" and "Bring on the Night". Both "Find It Where You Can" and "Bring on the Night" can be found in full band rehearsal versions on previous Lost Masters volumes. It is interesting to see the songs develop from skeleton demos to fully realized electric versions. Similarly, it is interesting to see how a song like "Take Em As They Come" evolved from its beginnings here to the circulating E Street Band outtake we know so well. Also evident among these tracks is how Bruce utilizes similar harmonies on different songs - listen to how the harmonies from "Love Is A Gun" #2 & "Love and Kisses" are employed on "out on the Run (Looking For Love)". Fully realized unreleased demos, pretty harmonies, intriguing lyrics, heartrending vocals and some fine acoustic guitar playing - it's all here on the latest solo offering from the Lost Masters series.

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