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RE-UP: Springsteen "Lost Masters volume 5 - Heaven's Dawn" - 1CD - 1979-1980

Bruce Springsteen
Lost Masters Volume  05
Heaven's Dawn - Unreleased River Masters Volume 1

Songs 1-2: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. Power Station Studios, New York City 1979/1980.

1. (She's A) Rocker #1 Take #4
Early version of song "I'm a Rocker" with different lyrics
Completely different take to released version with lyrical changes. This take, minus the count-in, times out at 3:20, 0:14 less than released version.

2. (She's A) Rocker #2 Take #6 with different vocal, mixed up front
Another completely different take to #4 above with Bruce's vocal way up in the mix.

Songs 3-14: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. Power Station Studios, New York City, July 20th, 1979.

3. Rickie (Wants A Man Of Her Own) Alternate take with more organ and different lyrics
A different take than the previously circulating version. What distinguishes this track is Roy's organ way up in the mix.

4. Cindy #1 Alternate take with double track vocals
5. Cindy #2 Alternate take with Clarence's harmony vocals
Yet another take of this tuneful, teenybopper love song (and we say that in a positive way), this version is highlighted by an unlikely Clarence harmony vocal.

6. Ramrod #1
7. Ramrod #2
8. Ramrod #3 This take has some different lyrics in the second verse
9. Ramrod #4 Work outs with extra sax overdubs and instrumental end
Four different takes of what some Springsteen enthusiasts call one of Bruce's most misunderstood tunes, some fans citing this as one of Bruce's saddest songs. The four takes included here differ greatly to the released version and include studio chatter and Clarence working out his sax parts. A primo take is #4, where Steve's harmony vocal is way up in the mix and long outro.

10. I Wanna Marry You #1 Alternate take with new vocal, spoken Intro, and no sax or backing vocals at the end
A beautiful alternate version with a rougher new vocal by Bruce, spoken intro and no sax or harmonies at the end.

11. I Wanna Marry You #2 Take #16
With more background vocals added
Another altemate version with brighter harmony vocals added to the mix.

12. I Wanna Marry You #3 Take #22
Without background vocals or sax solo at the end
Bruce starts singing late on this take A different vocal take by Bruce, this version is longer and contains no background vocals or sax at the end. You can hear Bruce talk in between this take and the next: "I'm gonna run to the hotel and get my bag."

13. I Wanna Marry You #4 Take #24
Overdub #2 Different vocals and no sax solo or background vocals at the end
Now the mix really changes, with the keyboards more prominent and a new Bruce vocal with some slight lyric changes.

14. I Wanna Marry You #5 Take #12
Overdub #4 Different vocals, more organ but no sax solo or background vocals at the end
Another drastically different take with Danny's organ way up in the mix, keyboards more prominent overall, lyric differences and no sax solo/harmony vocals at the end.

Song 15: Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. Soundcheck at Brendan Byrne Arena, Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, NJ, July 8th, 1981.

15. All I Need
Bruce probably wrote the song the same day (you can hear his home demo on The Lost Masters VII) and quickly rehearsed it with the band the same day at the afternoon soundcheck before one of his 6 sold-out shows at the Meadowlands Arena, where Gary US Bonds was a guest. Gary would eventually release the song one year later in his album "On The Line," his second album produced by Bruce Springsteen and Miami Steve.

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