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NEW: Springsteen live in Milwaukee 2008 - 2CD - March 17

Bruce Springsteen
Bradley Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
March 17, 2008

Source: Audience
Location: Side stage, left, 10th row

Disc one (73:36):
(1)  Intro (0:53)
(2)  No Surrender (5:53)
(3)  Radio Nowhere (3:50)
(4)  Lonesome Day (4:31)
(5)  Streets of Fire (4:56)
(6)  Gypsy Biker (6:26)
(7)  Intro (1:20)
(8)  Magic (3:35)
(9)  Reason To Believe (6:45)
(10)  It's Hard To Be a Saint in the City (4:26)
(11)  Prove It All Night (5:38)
(12)  She's The One (5:04)
(13)  Livin' In The Future (6:02)
(14)  The Promised Land (5:23)
(15)  Cadillac Ranch (4:01)
(16)  My Hometown (5:06)

Disc two (72:11):
(1)  Devil's Arcade (6:40)
(2)  The Rising (5:14)
(3)  Last To Die (4:25)
(4)  Long Walk Home (6:48)
(5)  Badlands (5:54)
(6)  Encore break (2:19)
(7)  Loose Ends (4:26)
(8)  Intro (1:57)
(9)  Meeting Across The River (3:45) *
(10)  Jungleland (10:54)
(11)  Born To Run (5:19)
(12)  Ramrod (5:19)
(13)  American Land (8:18)

*  w/Richard Davis


A memorable St. Patrick's Day in Milwaukee; Bruce played to a mostly full house and put on a great performance.  Plenty of surprises in the set, including "Streets of Fire" (which I think hadn't been performed since the 1999-2000 tour) and a show-opening "No Surrender."  Richard Davis, a session musician Bruce had recorded with in the '70s, was brought on to play upright bass on "Meeting Across The River" (for which he'd originally contributed to the BTR recording) in the most emotional moment of the show, followed by a fiery "Jungleland" that brought the house down.  "Cadillac Ranch" got its regular Wisconsin appearance; it seems E Street hardly ever plays that song anywhere BUT Wisconsin anymore.  Fun, loose, long performance.

This is not my finest recording, but I figured I would post it in the absence of other recordings surfacing to this point.  I was 10 rows up beside the stage; apparently I had bought a ticket in the "talking section."  The women next to me barely knew who Bruce was and talked loudly to each other literally without interruption for 2 1/2 hours.  Being a male, I can't imagine what I could talk about for 150 minutes without stopping, but apparently it was important enough that they had to carry on an in-depth conversation 30 feet from Bruce for the whole night.  Miraculously, they barely appear on the recording, but in my efforts to redirect my mikes away from them I caught the full force of a "clapper" for several songs of the show.

In a nutshell, there's too much crowd noise and I'm too close to the PA to catch the full vocals -- they're a little low in the mix.  I tried to address the latter with some basic EQ'ing, but there wasn't much I could do about the former.  This is a decent recording and worth having until a better source shows up, but hopefully there *will* be a better source that turns up before long.

Download this bootleg here

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