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NEW: Springsteen live in Bern 2009 - 3CD - June 30 - mp3 & flac links

Bruce Springsteen &E Street Band
“Outlaw Pete Comes To Bern”
Stade de Suisse
Bern, Switzerland
June 30, 2009
Fanatic Records 2011 REMASTER EDITION

Wow, I thought the Italian and German fans were passionate. The Swiss fans are absolutely crazy!!! They love the Boss and they are so into his music, singing and clapping and maybe not remembering all the lyrics, but they know plenty and they feel the music with their heart and soul! This is a high-energy performance and according to Backstreets the Swiss fans had been waiting 10 years for this moment!!! According to sources “Outlaw Pete” was one of the strong highlights of the night along with “The River.” There were 2 sources that surfaced from this historic show: d.m. and alysha. The d.m. version was complete but the audience clapping at times drowned out the music. The alysha version had better sound and less audience interference, but was incomplete with 3 songs: “Hungry Heart”, “The Promised Land” and “Waiting On a Sunny Day.” The taper used filler from other shows to complete those songs and did an excellent job with piecing it together. This REMASTER Edition is now a complete authentic show using the body of work from the alysha version and replacing the incomplete tracks with those from the d.m version. All the tracks were EQed and proper fades were applied and tracks were divided into 3 discs with appropriate breaks. The encore noise was edited and distributed evenly between the end of “Thunder Road” and beginning of “Hard Times” instead of being on a separate track. Audience noise at the end of “Rockin All Over The World" was also edited. The show now has a different flow and pops with a little more energy. Many thanks to d.m. and alysha for sharing their recordings! Without them this work would not be possible.

CD Artwork Included.

Disc One
01 ds Vogellisi
02 Badlands
03 No Surrender
04 She's the One
05 Outlaw Pete
06 Out in the Street
07 Working on a Dream
08 Seeds
09 Johnny 99
10 Atlantic City
11 Raise Your Hand
12 Hungry Heart
13 I Fought the Law

Disc Two
01 Downbound Train
02 Because the Night
03 Waitin' on a Sunny Day
04 The Promised Land
05 The River
06 Radio Nowhere
07 Lonesome Day
08 The Rising
09 Born to Run
10 Thunder Road

Disc Three
01 Hard Times
02 Bobby Jean
03 American Land
04 Glory Days
05 Dancing in the Dark
06 Rockin' All Over The World

Download this bootleg here

Download this bootleg here

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