Friday, November 7, 2014

NEW: Springsteen live in Berlin 1995 - 1DVD - pro-shot

Title: Hungry Heart, Berlin '95: Version 2.0
Label: N/A
Format: 1DVD
Video Format: PAL
Video Source: Pro-shot
Audio Source: Soundboard
Chapters: Song
Menu: Authored
Date: JULY 9, 1995
Location: Cafe Eckstein, Berlin, Germany
BruceDVDs Rating: 9/10

01 Down the Road Apiece
02 Boom Boom
03 Knockin' on Heaven's DOor
04 Hungry Heart
05 Highway 61 Revisited
06 Honky Tonk Woman
07 Thunder Road
08 Glory Days
09 Jumpin' Jack Flash
10 Twist and Shout

11 The Making of "Hungry Heart"

Bruce shot his promo video for the 1995 re-release of "Hungry Heart" at Cafe Eckstein in
Berlin with Wolfgang Niedecken and his band. This excellent pro-shot footage features the
entire performance in front of a small crowd inside the cafe with a much larger crowd outside.
The unique occassion and the song selection of some great rock standards make this a very
enjoyable DVD.

A 15 minute "Making Of" documentary is also included, featuring footage of Bruce in and around
Berlin at the time of the video shoot.

This upgraded version uses a master copy of the "Making Of" promo tape and a 1st generation
copy of the concert as its sources. There is a noticeable improvement in picture quality when
compared to the original, although it is still not perfect by any means. There is a "Super Six"
logo in the bottom left corner of the screen throughout the shot, but any distraction this
causes is more than compensated by the cleaner image.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here

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