Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NEW: Springsteen live in Paris 2013 - 2DVD - June 29

2013-06-29 Paris multicamera mix, Crystal Cat audio, Gijon bonus tracks, 2DVDs

Filmed by:
SwissMagic, PolarPicture,
SpikeVince, loftarasa, Bruno, Erik, DVDDUBBINGGUY, Per,
Cesar, Mando, Badlandso, Reddef,
NB, Dan, ESTEBRUCE, Sal, boyissy,
lacabezonadeap7, Mark Steven, Rod,
Mike - "The Flying Greek” and others

This was the most time consuming video I ever produced. Over 350 single clips of which approx. 100 were just snippets. It was quite a task to find their place in the timeline and sync them perfectly to the others.
I am especially proud of this film. Working with some lower quality footage and so many snippets and still I was able to create a sheer fantastic watch.
HUGE thanks to all my friends for supplying me their videos! After the incredible Paris 2012 videos many of my friends went to the show with the intention to help creating a video that would be equally good as the 2012 Bercy videos.
It was my intention, too. After the great shoot in Wembley I had high expectations for this video shoot but I was only able to shoot some fragments. I filmed the whole pre-show (minus the first 2 minutes or so). That went really well but once the stadium was full we had a real bad position and I was not able to record much from the main show.
I recorded some of the "rare" songs but that's it. So again HUGE thanks to everyone who sent me their videos. Without you this incredible film would not have been possible.

The audio: Crystal Cat. Untouched. I think I didn't even mix in some of zimmy21's (incomplete) tape or mine...

The show: Back then I didn't enjoy it. Today I enjoy this video very much and see the show from a different perspective. It was a fun show with some real great performances.

As per usual this one will be GOLD soon. Artwork included. Burn to double layer (8,5gb) dvd discs.

Acoustic pre-show:
This hard land
Burning love
Growin' up

Main show:


Out in the street
Wrecking ball
Death to my hometown

Cadillac Ranch

Spirit in the night
Born in the U.S.A.
Cover me
Darlington County
Working on the highway
Downbound train

I'm on fire

No surrender
Bobby Jean
I'm goin' down

Glory days
Dancing in the dark

My hometown

Pay me my money down

Shackled and drawn

Waitin' on a sunny day

The rising

Land of hope and dreams
* * *
We are alive

Born to run w/ Elliott and Gaspard Murphy


Tenth Avenue freeze-out
American land

Thunder road (solo acoustic)

Bonus songs from Gijon:
Ain't good enough for you
Travelin' band
Rosalita (come out tonight)
Drive all night

Filmed by: therealboss1984, Steve Haris, Sergio Robles, Pablo Gonzáles and macosascom
Audio: Yet uncirculating audio source from javichun. Congratulations to javichun for coming up with one of the finest captures from the Wrecking ball tour. A stunning tape. I didn't do any eq'ing on this one.

Thanks to all involved in getting this out to all the fans!

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