Wednesday, September 11, 2013

RE-UPLOAD: Springsteen live in New York 1972 - 1DVD - August 10



Two shows, triple bill, with Springsteen (solo) opening for headliner Dave Van Ronk and folk stylist Doris Abrahams. Each of Bruce’s shows was limited to about 30 minutes (3 to 5 songs).

Very brief audio-video excerpts of both “Henry Boy” and “Growin’ Up” from one of the 12 shows during this August 1972 Max’s residency first surfaced in a 1990 documentary about John Hammond called “From Bessie Smith to Springsteen”. The complete audio-video of both songs has since leaked out and is circulating among collectors. These complete takes represent what was originally supplied to the Hammond film producers by CBS. The producers were only allowed to use brief excerpts of the two songs in the documentary and were not supplied any footage of the rest of the show. “Henry Boy” is the opening number of Bruce’s show and “Growin’ Up” is the closing number. The remainder of the show (probably only a couple of more songs) exists in CBS’s vault but has never circulated. The other show this night may also have been filmed. The video footage is sometimes mis-identified as emanating from Springsteen's appearance at Gaslight Au Go Go in May 1972.

The recently unearthed complete video of both songs are circulating in two variations. One version shows the MC take the stage and introduce Bruce prior to “Henry Boy”. The other version has the entire MC introduction segment deleted. The identity of the MC is a mystery (it is definitely not Max’s owner Mickey Ruskin). Brucebase would like to hear from anyone who can identify the MC. Following “Growin” Up” Bruce begins to introduce the artist who is to follow him by stating to the crowd. “here’s a protégée of mine” at which point the video ends before the name of the performer is mentioned. It would seem that Bruce is using the word 'protégée' in its feminine context and that he is referring to Doris Abrahams. In a 1978 interview Bruce also mentions playing the Night Owl and it is likely that it was around this time.

Brucebase has placed this audio/video segment under this date but it could be from any of the shows during this residency.

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