Sunday, July 28, 2013

NEW: Springsteen live in Coventry 2013 - 3CD - Flac & mp3 links

Bruce Springsteen - Ricoh Arena, Coventry 20th June 2013 (DPA 4061/ R09 Master -16 bit)

Rig; Edirol R-09 96hrz/ 24 bit (all settings turned to the left). DPA 4061 mics (paired) mounted on sunglasses and pointing at 45 degrees towards the stack)
Postion; Towoards the rear of front pit left of centre approx 30 foot from the stack(first hour)

01 - The Ghost of Tom Joad (solo acoustic)
02 - Long Walk Home
03 - My Love Will Not Let You Down
04 - Two Hearts ("Sign request", sign actually said "PLAY ANYTHING")
05 - Seeds (Sign request)
06 - Trapped (Sign request)
07 - Long Time Comin' (Sign request, Full band debut)
08 - Wrecking Ball
09 - Death to My Hometown
10 - Hungry Heart
11 - The River (Sign request)

Born To Run Album - dedicated to James Gandolfini
12 - Thunder Road
13 - 10th Avenue Freeze-Out
14 - Night
15 - Backstreets
16 - Born to Run
17 - She's the One
18 - Meeting Across the River
19 - Jungleland

20 - Pay Me My Money Down
21 - Shackled and Drawn
22 - Waitin' On a Sunny Day (guest singer is a random small boy)
23 - Lonesome Day
24 - Badlands
25 - We Are Alive
26 - Born in the U.S.A.
27 - Bobby Jean
28 - Dancing in the Dark
29 - Raise Your Hand
30 - American Land

This was my third time seeing Bruce Springsteen and easily the best if not one of the best shows I have seen in my life from any artist.

I started recording in my usual postion at the back of the pit. I noticed another taper to the rear of me, leaning against the rail in exactly the same postion I was in for Manchester. The audience wasn't too intrusive until Hungry Heart but at that point I moved further left and further in towards the stack.

The results are stunning. I would have got a touch less audience against the fence but would not have captured the true dyamanics of what was coming through the stack.



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