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Bruce Springsteen live in East Rutherford 2003 - 3CD - August 31

Title: Giant House Party In Jersey - Uber Series Vol. 23
'Label': Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: IEM/AUD mix
Date: August 31, 2003.
Location: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ.
Artwork: Included.

Disc One:
01 Cynthia
02 The Rising
03 Lonesome Day
04 Night
05 Lucky Town
06 Introduction
07 Empty Sky
08 Waitin' On A Sunny Day
09 Spirit In The Night
10 Because The Night
11 Badlands

Disc Two:
01 Two Hearts
02 No Surrender
03 Mary's Place
04 Lost In The Flood
05 Into The Fire
06 The Promised Land
07 Kitty's Back
08 Glory Days
09 Born To Run

Disc Three:
01 Introduction
02 My City Of Ruins
03 "Public Service Announcement"
04 Land Of Hope And Dreams
05 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
06 Dancing In The Dark
07 Jersey Girl


The IEM source has a few very short (about a second) skips but it's mostly very unnoticeable.

- Only tour performances of 'Cynthia', 'Lucky Town' and full band 'Jersey Girl'.
- Badlands features an extra long ending with the audience chanting.
- Spirit In The Night played by a request.
- Mary's Place includes couple verses of 'I Don't Wanna Go Home'

-- Thanks to tattoodad and the uber project for 'discovering' the IEM source!
-- Thanks to Neil for the audience sources.


"Night 10 at Giants Stadium closed out the stand in style, with a fantastic mix of the old and the new, greatest hits and greatest misses,
all for an ecstatic Labor Day weekend crowd. Mix together the last two nights of a lengthy stand with the attendance of a working film crew
and what you get are the kinds of setlists that Springsteen fans have been longing for since this Tour began.
If you knew tonight’s opener from the first few notes, well, step to the front of the line of The Legion of Bruce.
The sounds of “Cynthia” hit the New Jersey air just after 8:30pm to make her live performance debut, and it made this show a real “yeah, yeah, alright!!”
for diehards. Other standouts: “Lucky Town,” “Spirit in the Night,” “Lost in the Flood,” and for the second night in a row “Because the Night” sizzled like a fried egg on a hot Texas street. Um, and that was before the encores. “Kitty’s Back” kicked those off, only to be topped by the “will-he-or-won’t-he” (he will!) appearance of Tom Waits’ “Jersey Girl” to close things out. Springsteen thanked those of his fans who come to the shows night after night, with a special nod to those long distance travelers. " -backstreets.com

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