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Bruce Springsteen live in East Rutherford 2003 - 3CD - August 30

Title: Across The Border In Jersey - Uber Series Vol. 24
'Label': Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: IEM/AUD mix
Date: August 30, 2003.
Location: Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ.
Artwork: Included.

Disc One:
01 Janey, Don't You Lose Heart
02 The Rising
03 Lonesome Day
04 Candy's Room
05 Trapped
06 Empty Sky
07 Waitin' On A Sunny Day
08 Roll Of The Dice
09 Because The Night
10 Badlands
11 Out In The Street

Disc Two:
01 Mary's Place
02 Emmylou Harris Intro
03 Across The Border (w/ Emmylou Harris)
04 Into The Fire
05 Thunder Road
06 This Hard Land
07 Marah Introduction
08 Raise Your Hand (w/ Marah)
09 Glory Days

Disc Three:
01 Born To Run
02 Seven Nights To Rock
03 Introduction
04 My City Of Ruins
05 "Public Service Announcement"
06 Land Of Hope And Dreams
07 Pretty Flamingo
08 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
09 Dancing In The Dark

10 Janey Don't You Lose Heart (soundcheck)


The IEM source has quite many skips every now and then - even more in the encores.

- Only tour performance of 'Raise Your Hand'.
- One of two tour performances of 'Pretty Flamingo' and 'Roll Of The Dice'.
- 'This Hard Land' dedicated to 'Bobby Muller' who's in the audience tonight.
- 'Thunder Road' dedicated to the memory of 'Jim Berger'.
- Mary's Place includes couple verses of 'Another Saturday Night'.

-- Thanks to tattoodad and the uber project for 'discovering' the IEM source!
-- Thanks to Neil for the audience sources.


" In the world of Bruce Springsteen concerts, some nights seem earmarked as special before the first note is even played. Whether it's a birthday show or the last concert of a lengthy stand, sometimes you just get a hunch. There weren't many good hunches flying around after Thursday's standard set, filmed by a professional crew. So Saturday night at Giants Stadium (night 9 of 10, if you're keeping score) caught quite a few folks off guard as Springsteen raised the stakes and had the crowd raising their hands in joy, gratitude, and disbelief. As the filming continued--with still no official word as to why--Bruce and the band busted out of the gate with the ultra-rare "Janey, Don't You Lose Heart," and established new possibilities for a Rising Tour that is most likely a month away from wrapping. Eleven songs not played the night before, ten songs in the encores, two special guests, tour premieres, rarities, dedications...this one had it all. Highlights (and there were many) included "Trapped," "Roll of the Dice," "Because the Night," and the second appearance of "Pretty Flamingo" since 1978. Springsteen dedicated the main-set closer "Thunder Road" to the family and memory of Jim Berger,  who was killed in the September 11 tragedy. Emmylou Harris joined Bruce for a poignant "Across the Border," and the Philadelphia-based band Marah helped out on "Raise Your Hand." A special night for many, this seemed to be the show that said, "Hang on Philly, Jersey's back in town!"" -backstreets.com

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