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Bruce Springsteen live in Chicago 2002 - 3CD - September 25

Title: A Great Night In Chicago
'Label': Ev2
Format: 3CD
Source: IEM/AUD mix
Date: September 25, 2002.
Location: United Center, Chicago, IL.
Artwork included
- Uber Series Vol. 41 -

Disc One:
01 The Rising
02 Lonesome Day
03 The Ties That Bind
04 The Fuse
05 Jackson Cage
06 Intro / "Happy Birthday"
07 Empty Sky
08 You're Missing
09 Waitin' on a Sunny Day
10 The Promised Land

Disc Two:
01 Worlds Apart
02 Badlands
03 She's The One
04 Mary's Place
05 Countin' on a Miracle
06 For You (solo piano)
07 Into The Fire

Disc Three:
01 Dancing In The Dark
02 Eddie Vedder Intro
03 My Hometown (w/ Eddie Vedder)
04 Ramrod
05 Born To Run
06 Introduction
07 My City Of Ruins
08 Intro / PSA
09 Born In The U.S.A.
10 Land Of Hope And Dreams

- D2 Tracks 2,3 have some static
- D3 Tracks 3, 10 have some static


- Tattoodad's Uber Series Vol. 41 -

Huge thanks to the generous uber who shared the IEM - I hope I improved it enough.
And of course thanks to tattoodad for getting this whole thing started!

- The IEM source suffers from some static once in a while during the show - it's Very audible during "She's The One" & "Born To Run" but those are the only
songs that Really suffer from it, couple more have some static but it's mostly for a very short time.


"The first special guest of the tour, as the encores bring Eddie Vedder to the stage for a "My Hometown" duet. "Jackson Cage" finally makes it to the tour proper (and, along with "The Ties That Bind," makes for two River songs in the first five slots). "She's the One" is in the set for the second night running, as is a solo-piano slot: in KC it was "Incident," in Chicago it's "For You."" -backstreets

Download this bootleg here

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