Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bruce Springsteen live in Asbury Park 2001 - 2CD - December 3


SOMETHING (with Patti Scialfa, Soozie Tyrell, and Lisa Lowell) - MY SWEET LORD (with Scialfa, Tyrell, Lowell, and Jerry Vivino) / JINGLE BELL ROCK (with Scialfa, Tyrell, Lowell, and the Max Weinberg 7 from here) / JAM UP (Max Weinberg 7) / SANTA CLAUS, SANTA CLAUS (Jimmy Vivino and Bruce) / THUNDERCRACK / SEASIDE BAR SONG / LOVE (STAND UP) (Scialfa) / SPANISH DANCER (Scialfa) / WELCOME TO THE WORLD (with Garland Jeffreys and the Alliance Choir) / NEW YORK CITY SKYLINE (with Garland Jeffreys and the Alliance Choir) / THIS TIME IT'S FOR REAL (with Southside Johnny) / LOVE ON THE WRONG SIDE OF TOWN (with Southside Johnny) / IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME (with Southside Johnny) / BLACK BOOKS (Nils Lofgren) / SHINE SILENTLY (Lofgren) / MERRY CHRISTMAS BABY / SO YOUNG AND IN LOVE / KITTY'S BACK / CHRITMAS (BABY PLEASE COME HOME) / MY CITY OF RUINS / HERE COMES THE SUN (Bobby Bandiera) / I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME (with Southside Johnny) / ROSALITA (COME OUT TONIGHT) / SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN

Audience tape. First night of this year's Christmas concerts. Multiple guests and a fantastic setlist. The entire E Street Band except Roy Bittan and Steve Van Zandt joins the Max Weinberg 7 as the band. “Something” and “My Sweet Lord” is played by Bruce as a tribute to George Harrison who passed away recently. “Jam Up” is Max Weinberg 7 at full tilt. “Santa Claus, Santa Claus” includes Bruce, Jimmy Vivino and Max Weinberg 7. “Love (Stand Up)” and “Spanish Dancer” are Patti’s spotlight. “Welcome To The World” and New York Skyline” are Garland Jeffreys' contributions. Then Southside gets three slots before Nils does the next two. Bruce drives it home from there with Bobby Bandiera doing a solo acoustic “Here Comes The Sun” and Southside sharing lead on “I Don’t Want To Go Home”. Otherwise quite similar to last years show.

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