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NEW: Springsteen live in Pittsburgh 1984 - 3CD - September 21 - mp3 & flac links

Bruce Springsteen

Title: N/A
Label: N/A
Catalog #: N/A
Source: Audience
Format: 3cd
Total Time: 3 hours 12 minutes 17 seconds
Location: Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA
Date: September 21, 1984

Including: Artwork and info

Disc 1:

101 Born in the USA
102 Out in the Street
103 10th Avenue Freeze-out
104 Atlantic City
105 Johnny 99
106 Reason to Believe
107 Mansion on the Hill
108 I'm Going Down
109 Darlington County
110 Glory Days
111 The Promised Land
112 My Hometown
113 Trapped

Disc 2:

201 Badlands
202 Thunder Road
203 Hungry Heart
204 Dancing in the Dark
205 Cadillac Ranch
206 Sherry Darling
207 Point Blank
208 Cover Me
209 Pink Cadillac
210 Bobby Jean
211 Racing in the Street

Disc 3:

301 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
302 Jungleland
303 Born to Run
304 Street Fighting Man
305 Twist and Shout/Do You Love Me (cut)
306 Detroit Medley/Travellin' Band

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NEW: Springsteen live in Philadelphia 1984 - 4CD - September 14 - mp3 & flac links

Artist: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Location: The Spectrum, Philadelphia
Date: 1984-09-14
Label: Doberman Records # 132/133/134/135
Title: The Full Spectrum
Sound: Audience.

Lineage: Unknown

Disc 1:

01. Born In The U.S.A
02. Prove It All Night
03. Out In The Street
04. Atlantic City
05. Intro
06. Open All Night
07. My Father's House
08. I'm Goin' Down
09. Darlington County
10. Intro
11. Glory Days
12. The Promised Land

Disc 2:

01. Point Blank
02. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
03. Badlands
04. Thunder Road
05. Hungry Heart
06. Dancing In The Dark
07. Cadillac Ranch
08. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
09. No Surrender
10. I'm On Fire
11. Cover Me
12. Growin' Up

Disc 3:

01. Bobby Jean
02. Racing In The Street
03. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
04. Jersey Girl
05. Jungleland
06. Born To Run
07. The Detroit Medley
08. Twist And Shout

Disc 4:

01. Spirit In The Night *
02. State Trooper *
03. Reason To Believe *
04. I Fought The Law *
05. Candy's Room *
06. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town *
07. Independence Day **
08. My Hometown **
09. Trapped **
10. Downboung Train **
11. I'm A Rocker **
12. The River ***
13. Intro ***
14. Pink Cadillac ***
15. I'm Bad I'm Nationwide ***

* 1984-09-18 The Spectrum, Philadelphia
** 1984-09-17 The Spectrum, Philadelphia
*** 1984-09-15 The Spectrum, Philadelphia

Artwork included

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Download part 2 here

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NEW: Springsteen live in Philadelphia 1984 - 3CD - September 12 - mp3 & flac links

September 12th, 1984(audience)
Philadelphia, PA
The Spectrum
Total Time: 3:30:37

Disc ONE(75:53)
01-Born In The USA(5:17)
02-Out In The Street(5:32)
03-Spirit in the Night(7:30)
04-Atlantic City(5:01)
05-State Trooper(4:30)
07-Prove It All Night(6:09)
08-Darlington County(5:05)
09-Glory Days(12:00)
10-The Promised Land(6:25)
11-Point Blank(7:40)

Disc TWO(66:37)
02-Thunder Road(7:22)
03-Hungry Heart(4:50)
04-Dancing In The Dark(5:36)
05-Cadillac Ranch(5:30)
06-10th Avenue Freezeout(4:30)
07-Downbound Train(5:00)
08-I'm on Fire(3:26)
09-Cover Me(6:51)
10-Growin' Up(13:27)
11-Bobby Jean(4:20)

Disc THREE(68:07)
04-Born to Run(5:50)
05-Street Fighting Man(4:10)
06-Twist And Shout(5:11)
07-Do You Love Me(3:55)
08-Detroit Medley(12:17)

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NEW: Springsteen live in Cincinnati 1981 - 3CD - September 13 - mp3 & flac links

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band
Riverfront Coliseum
Cincinnati, Ohio
September 13, 1981
(Recorder 1 - 1st Generation)

Transfer: 1980's tape trade (1st Generation) > Nakamichi DR-1 > MacBook Pro > Audacity >  Peak Pro XT (pitch correction / subtle tweak / volume smoothing / edit / patch / index) > xACT 2.21 > FLAC

Recorder 1: River Flood version / 1st Generation Tape Transfer (mjk5510)
Recorder 2: JEMS Master

101 Out In The Street
102 Prove It All Night
103 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
104 Darkness On The Edge Town
105 Factory
106 Independence Day
107 Trapped
108 Two Hearts
109 Who'll Stop The Rain
110 The Promised Land
111 The River
112 This Land Is Your Land
113 Badlands
114 Thunder Road
201 Hungry Heart
202 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
203 Cadillac Ranch
204 Sherry Darling
205 Jole Blon
206 Johnny Bye-Bye
207 Backstreets
208 Ramrod
209 Rosalita > Sweet Soul Music
301 Jungleland
302 Born To Run
303 Detroit Medley > I Hear A Train > Land Of A 1000 Dances > Mony Mony
304 Twist And Shout

Known Faults:
- The Promised Land: 2 seconds of intro patched with Recorder 2
- Backstreets: 9 seconds of last few notes and audience patched with Recorder 2
- Ramrod: 8 seconds of audience and intro patched with Recorder 2

After almost a year on the road The River Tour comes to a close with two nights in Cincinnati. Originally to be played in July both nights were re-scheduled to the end of the tour after the original dates were cancelled due to Bruce falling ill.

We are fortunate to have had at least two tapers in the building on both nights.
I am referring to this Recorder 1 since this source appeared first in general circulation in the torrent era.
This is the same recorder as the River Flood version but this is transferred from my 1st generation tape and should be a solid upgrade.

There were a number of issues with this source, the beginning songs of each set had numerous mic bumps and with each mic bump came a major drop in volume. I have eliminated or decreased each mic bump, in a few instances there is mic noise left behind if I was not able to eliminate without affecting the music. I've smoothed the volume  drops caused by the mic bumps to make it as seamless as possible.
Additionally, three songs had minor cuts in them, each instance has been patched using the excellent JEMS Recorder 2 source making this share 100% music complete (unfortunately both recorders miss Bruce's end of the 1st set announcement).

The performance itself easily hits the high standards of The River tour, it's a high energy show fueled by a high energy audience.

Thanks to "E" from JEMS for the continued use of the NAK DR-1, it's his generosity that sparked this new transfer.

Artwork is also included in the download...

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Download this bootleg here

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NEW: Springsteen live in Seattle 1980 - 3CD - October 24 - mp3 & flac links

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
That Old ‘80 Sound
Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, WA
October 24, 1980
RS Master via JEMS

Recording Gear: Nakamichi 700 microphones > Bass Box EQ > Sony TCD-D5

Project Start Date: October 2013
Project End Date: October 2014
Approximate Project Hours: 35
Years Spent Chasing Down Master Tape: 20+
River Tour Show No. 13

Seamless transfer, suggested CD breaks...

101 Badlands
102 Out in the Street
103 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
104 Darkness On The Edge Of Town
105 Factory
106 Independence Day
107 Jackson Cage
108 Two Hearts
109 The Promised Land (cut)
110 Racing In The Street
111 The River
112 Prove It All Night
113 Thunder Road
201 Cadillac Ranch (Bruce's microphone and part of the PA are out)
202 Fire
203 Sherry Darling
204 Here She Comes > I Wanna Marry You
205 The Ties That Bind
206 Wreck On The Highway
207 Point Blank
208 Crush On You
209 Ramrod
210 You Can Look But You Better Not Touch
211 Stolen Car
212 Drive All Night
301 Rosalita
302 Jungleland
303 Born to Run
304 Detroit Medley > I Hear A Train (joined in progress, distortion at the start)
305 Raise Your Hand (joined in progress)

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here

Download this bootleg here

NEW: Springsteen live in St. Louis 1980 - 3CD - October 17 - mp3 & flac links

Bruce Springsteen

Title: Gateway To The Best
Location: Keil Opera House, St Louis, MO
Date: 17 October, 1980

Disc 1:

01. Born To Run
02. Prove It All Night
03. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
04. Darkness On The Edge Of Town
05. Factory
06. Independence Day
07. Jackson Cage
08. The Promised Land
09. Out In The Street
10. Two Hearts
11. Racing In The Street
12. The River
13. Badlands

Disc 2:

01. Thunder Road
02. Cadillac Ranch
03. Fire
04. Sherry Darling
05. I Wanna Marry You
06. The Ties That Bind
07. Wreck On The Highway
08. Point Blank
09. Crush On You
10. Ramrod
11. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
12. Stolen Car

Disc 3:

01. Backstreets
02. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
03. Jungleland
04. Detroit Medley

Download this bootleg here

Download this bootleg here

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NEW: Springsteen live in Leeds 2013 - 2DVD - July 24

Leeds 2013-07-24 multicamera mix, dubbed audio (Crystal Cat), 2DVDs

NTSC 720x480, 7mibt cbr, lossless PCM audio
2 double layer discs (8,5gb) required. Ready to burn image files, artwork and disc labels included

filmed by:



Nick Howlett

Mike - "The flying Greek"
and others

My Love Will Not Let You Down
No Surrender
Something in the Night
American Skin (41 Shots)
The Promised Land
Hungry Heart
Local Hero
Gotta Get That Feeling
Bad Moon Rising
Wrecking Ball
Death to My Hometown
This Depression
Because the Night
Darlington County
Shackled and Drawn
Waitin' on a Sunny Day
The Rising
Land of Hope and Dreams
* * *
Secret Garden
Atlantic City
Born to Run
Dancing in the Dark
Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
If I Should Fall Behind (solo acoustic)
Thunder Road (solo acoustic)

+ BONUS STUFF (impressions from Mark Wright at the Badlands after-show party, preview for "Springsteen and Us" and some more stuff)

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here
Download part 8 here
Download part 9 here
Download part 10 here
Download part 11 here
Download part 12 here
Download part 13 here
Download part 14 here
Download part 15 here
Download part 16 here
Download part 17 here